"Steph is a very good teacher and she has taught me a lot of things in my first year of piano. She explains things very well so I can understand. The music pieces she gives me are the best. She is also very nice, kind and helpful."

- Lucas, student

 "Stephanie taught my two daughters for 5 and 2 years respectively. It was a very complete experience. Besides teaching them AMEB piano songs, music theory and sight reading, she would always find the arrangements of the popular songs that my daughters wanted to learn thus making the practise more varied and fun.

 Different genres were covered and a twice a year recital was a good exercise and a fun challenge of playing in public."


- Dalia, parent

"Stephanie is a very good teacher that has helped me to fall in love with the amazing instrument. She is very kind and gives me choice over what I want to play."


- Marija, student.

“Steph taught my daughter piano lessons for from the age of 6 to 9 years old. She instilled in my daughter such a love of music from the very beginning that my daughter begged me to have longer lessons! Steph showed utmost dedication in getting my daughter ready for her first piano exam which she received a first class honours, but more importantly she was able to adapt her style of teaching and the type of music my daughter learned as she grew and changed her interest. For example whilst my daughter focussed on classical songs to start, by the end of her tuition she was playing pop songs that she had chosen herself.

  Steph’s incredible piano teaching skills lie not only in her outstanding ability to teach the technical aspects of piano playing, but even more so in her ability to connect with her students on an individual level and empower them to develop both their love and skills for piano playing. “

- Teri, parent. 


I love to see how my daughter progresses! She had 2 teachers before and it felt like she never brought any new knowledge with her home- but now after just a few sessions with you I see how she is really into playing the piano and we just started practicing together (maybe obvious to do so but your reminder about practicing at home just got us started and I think that’s awesome and we really enjoy it). Additionally, I really like the materials you are using it makes it easy to follow where she is up to and to repeat what you have done during the lessons. Also a very Creative approach having them their own little songs and creating which I know she is very proud of. I think they sound awesome! 

Thanks for being such a great piano teacher!

- Marie, parent